11 April 2018

Eston Rec gardens c1965 and all that remains in 2018.

Eston recreation ground gardens c1965

Eston recreation ground gardens 2018

Found postcards from the N.E coast, on the first postcard you can just make out South Gare breakwater and light house in the distance.
The second postcard although date taken is unknown is certainly older than the first.

Redcar Seafront. Date unknown.

Redcar Seafront. Date unknown.

South Gare Breakwater and Lighthouse. Date unknown.

30 January 2018

Avebury A5 20 page photo zine, edition of 20.

Indigo printed on uncoated 160gsm Natural paper, including a handprinted edition of 20 standing stone linocut print approx A5 paper size with 6″x4″ print size. Linocut printed individually by hand so slight differences in print occur.

£6+£2 postage.
E-mail for details.

Linocut yet to be numbered and signed as still drying.

Avebury Zine

Recording made with contact mic attached to steel sticking out from sand dune at Warrenby.
The sound effect of wind and blown sand on the steel beam.


13 March 2017